Choosing the Right Golf Shoes that Suit You

Solid footing is important in every game of golf and the right golf shoes for your feet can easily give you the sturdy footing that you need. It should be comfortable enough and should not give you any hard time especially when the game requires you to walk four to five miles while playing each round. You also need that comfort while standing for at least four to five hours while playing the game.

The Shoe Fit

Golf Shoes There are rare occasions, if there are any, where your feet measure exactly the same. In selecting the right shoe fit, measure your feet and choose the size that the larger foot feels comfortable in wearing.

To get a comfortable fit, you need to wear the pair of socks that you intend to wear with your shoes for playing golf. Doing so will prevent you from guessing or speculating whether your chosen shoes will still give you the same comfort if you are wearing socks.

See if you can stand on one foot while wearing your shoes, and do the same to the other foot. Try to wiggle your toes and tiptoe. Each shoe should be able to bend together with your foot.

Your golf shoes should yield a tighter fit in the center part of your feet. The tightness in the said area offers great support as you make your swing. Expect that the center portion will eventually stretch in due time.

Make sure to have a half inch allowance between the tip of your shoes and your big toe’s end.

Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes are more comfortable to wear if you are playing under wet conditions, but they are more expensive. Leather uppers are considered the best if you want waterproof shoes with great support. Shoes that are made from synthetic leathers are less expensive but there is no guarantee that the said shoes will be able to give the protection against water that you need. These shoes are not as breathable as the leather ones.

Styles and Designs

Golf-ShoesThe shoes for playing golf come in different styles and designs and you need to choose the one that you find most comfortable without making you feel and look awkward. Do not choose a style and design that may look fashionable but do not offer the comfort that you need.

Remember that you are there to play golf and not to turn the whole course into a big ramp where you can show off your shoes. Golf is a serious game although it may be associated with prestige and wealth.

Where to Buy your Shoes

Different stores have golf shoes to offer; even online shops have them. If you are a wise shopper, then you will take time selecting and choosing the best pair that your money can buy. Most shops have clearance or inventory sale that you can take advantage of especially if you only have a limited budget for your shoes. There are different shops that offer discounted merchandise and you need to be patient in hunting them. You may need an ample time in tracking them down, but all will be worth it in the end.

There are spineless varieties nowadays and they are gaining popularity. Different golfers have varying opinions about the new breed of shoes for playing golf. You can get the most beneficial views from each side then investigate and see if the spineless ones are meant for you or would you rather have the ones with spikes.

Remember that in choosing your golf shoes, consider the one which you think will be able to give you the winning advantage and can make you feel comfortable to truly enjoy your game.


Different stores have golf shoes to offer; even online shops have them. choosing the best pair that your money can buy. offers best, for those who want to buy golf shoes and other golf accessories.



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