Here, at TheSymptoms.Org, we value your privacy. We will never compromise any information that you provide to us, but it should be among your best interests to read this Privacy Policy to better understand how we use such data.

We Gather Data in Several Steps

Your personal information is initially gathered through the sign-up process. This is where you provide us with your name, age, and email address. Your country of residence is determined through your IP address, but we understand that this could be inaccurate. Aside from the inherent inaccuracies of determining the location through IP, proxies may be used to spoof a user’s location.

Once you’re logged in, you may finally post your comments to our articles. Do take note though, that each time you post a comment you will be required to provide and confirm certain personal details. Also, browsing our blog means you’ll be tracked through the use of cookies – which will be processed and stored by your preferred browser.

If you do not wish to be tracked through such means, you may actually disable the cookie-tracking feature through your browser. Simply access the preferences page of your browser and you’ll find the option to disable cookies (as well as other tracking features). Keep in mind that we do not use cookies to intrude, but to track the preferences and actions of our readers and members.

By opting out of cookie-based tracking, you prevent us from gathering demographic and traffic information, as well as redirection and clicks. Such data are necessary in improving our blog, as we can only base changes on demographics, traffic, and clicks. It would definitely be helpful if you’d keep cookies enabled while browsing our blog.

Third-Party Features and Adverts

While our blog, TheSymptoms.Org, tackles serious and important topics – it is very much similar to other blogs, in the sense that funding is necessary to keep it running. It is for that very reason that we accept the requests of companies that wish to post their ads on our blogs. There’s no need to worry about your privacy being compromised since we do not provide personally-identifiable information to these firms. They do, however, gather other kinds of data – particularly those that can be obtained through cookies and other means of browser-based tracking.

Clicking on the ads that our partners have posted on our blog requires you to understand that we do not have any control over their privacy policies and disclaimers. Each site you are redirected to has its own set of policies, rules, and guidelines. Also, we would like to remind you that we shall not be held responsible for any privacy-related issues that you may encounter in such websites. Even though we make it a point to filter the ads to be posted on our blog, we cannot thoroughly assess the contents of each as doing so will require considerable amounts of time and resources.

Tracking for Maintaining Order

Aside from understanding user trends, we gather information to easily pinpoint readers or members that engage in unacceptable actions, such as:

  • Adding links to pornographic sites or content
  • Posting lewd images directly on the comments section
  • Stalking or threatening other members of the blog
  • Publishing links or websites that contain malware or any malicious code
  • Impersonating the blog’s admins or contributors

This list is non-exhaustive, meaning other actions may be deemed inappropriate or unacceptable despite not being in it. If you would like a more detailed list though, feel free to send a request by email. We will gladly provide you with such information.

Mailing Lists and Your Email

If you chose to subscribe to our mailing list, we will directly send messages contains news and updates to your email address. From time to time, we may also send offers from our advertising partners. Once again, while we cannot guarantee the safety of every third-party advert, we will do our best to at least filter out those that clearly fail to match the needs of our users. If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, you may do so by simply clicking on the appropriate link (typically found at the bottommost part of the mail). You may also do so while you’re logged onto our website. Just uncheck the mailing list option on your user preferences page.

Answering Your Other Queries

We know that you have other things in mind despite reading this sufficiently detailed privacy policy. That’s why we’re more than eager to answer your questions. Simply send us an email or post a comment here on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible (it shouldn’t take us more than a week to provide a response). Suggestions are also welcome – just send them our way and we will think of ways to make use of your insights for the betterment of our blog. Don’t worry – while we credit users who provide wonderful suggestions, we will never publish any personally-identifiable information on our blog.




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