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Our body is a glorious machine that operates and transmits signals to us to express needs like hunger, thirst, and tiredness in an endless loop. Yet, due to unavoidable circumstances, body signals are ignored. Activities of daily living or ADLs, chores, and tasks that need to be accomplished like that bulk of paper work you bring home to review or that mountain of laundry that needs to be finished becomes a priority. We pay attention to our body functions when things have gone for the worst. We succumb to the nightmare we have created when we delay seeking for prompt medical advice from a doctor.

Our online medical magazine blog stands by its goal to make everyone knowledgeable about basic medical information. We are an online medical magazine that equips you with the know-how you need for every emergency situation. Information on this site is written in simple terms that are easily grasped, even a child can understand with proper instruction. This blog site is for those who have no medical background and who are willing to learn firsthand medical guidance. We simplify medical jargon. It’s quite understandable if you have medical experience. However, it is a different experience for those families who have no firsthand medical background. Thesymptoms.org is the answer for those who are seeking medical solutions based on symptoms alone.

Our online medical magazine blog aims to assist you to be efficient when responding to emergencies. We provide articles that use simplified medical terms and explain the medical principles and rationales behind every medical action.  We create flowcharts and infographics to explain the procedure and steps for medical actions given. This will give you a boost of confidence in the face of a medical crisis. It removes the guesswork and the headache in identifying the sign and symptom of patients. No more feelings of helplessness when the unthinkable occurs, like when the hired help fixing your roof inadvertently falls down, or a child playing in the street with a ball that goes out of bounds, is running after the ball, unaware of a speeding truck that is fast approaching. No more “huh?” moments when the doctor approaches you and mumbles some medical gobbledygook that leaves you feeling even more confused and dazed afterwards, just like a tornado wreaking havoc at everything that crosses its path.

While our blog seeks to disseminate information on medical issues, it does not seek to replace the need for an emergency medical assistance or doctor’s consultation. We promptly advise you to seek immediate medical attention and consult a board certified physician.

A personal experience has served as a catalyst for the creation of the online medical magazine blog. I was heading for work that afternoon because my shift starts at around 10 pm. Getting out of the curb to cross the street parallel to it, the deadly combination of the night shift duty and sleep deprivation took its toll on me. I fell down, tripped over, and yelped in pain. I felt so embarrassed at my clumsiness that I blamed myself for it. I sprained my ankle and foot unintentionally as I was crossing the street. I was being ambivalent. My body was telling me to go home and call in sick, but my mind was telling me not to be absent because I will not be paid should I not come in for work. That will be labeled as AWOP, or absence without pay. I decided to brush off the feeling, ignored the pain that was coursing through me because I can still walk anyway.

Things took for the worst because when I arrived work two hours later, I can barely walk as my foot was starting to become swollen. It took me fifteen minutes to get to the nearest restroom. What an inconvenience I am becoming to myself, and to the people I work with. I decided to inform my supervisor that I will be going to the clinic nurse because I was having mobility issues. The clinic nurse advised bringing my health card to an accredited hospital nearby. I was given three days of sick leave afterwards. Those three days were like a death sentence to me because I felt empty, stuck at home. This is one lesson that I will never forget and that is, to listen to what my body says. I should have sought medical help while I was still able to walk.

It’s not too late to learn new things because our online medical magazine blog will help you be able to respond to signs that your body is telling you, and to come up with the correct course of action for it.



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