The Two Hats of SEO and How You Need To Chase One

When you start to look into seo for your website, you will end up finding that there are a few things that are absolutely true. Search engine optimization is not a solitary thing, and it is not easy to implement if you are looking to gain serious market share. No matter what type of website you want to create, you will find that you need to chase this with a very particular point of reference. Across the landscape of internet marketing you are going to see people discuss the fact that there are two major hats in play. There is the white hat and the black hat, and both items come from hacker terminology. Much like other professional worlds, you will find that these two can gain the same results. However, the same results that you find in the end, could come with a price. The price paid for the placement within search engines could in fact cause you a great deal of distress and that’s never a good thing. It becomes very important to understand the two options here and how dangerous it is not to know which is good and which is bad.

The Black Hat

The Black Hat seoNot to be confused with Linux Red Hat or anything similar, this is a matter of negativity to some and power to others. The black hat world of seo takes a lot of shortcuts, and they can be extremely effective. Taking the algorithm shifts and turning them on their heads, you could pay an expert in this world to create a great deal of influence for your page online and you could end up with a bus load of traffic on one day, and nothing the next.

You will also see that in order to gain market share here, some people will take aim at your competition and work with negative results. For instance, they will post a lot of negative reviews, or negative keywords against your competition and that alone will cause their ranking to go down, while your ranking goes up. The goal of this is to not follow the rules, but rather to create something that is going to sting the search engine results and cause a great deal of damage moving forward.

The White Hat

The white Hat seoWhite hat techniques within the world of seo are better, good, and will take a lot of time. The reason why many people don’t like this is because you have to be patient. The best explanation of search engines is in regards to popularity contests. If you’re seriously popular, and you are gaining ground within the notions of optimization you will rank higher. If your site isn’t popular than you won’t get there. Gauging popularity and how you can rank is hard to do, and honestly, it’s not something that most professionals can do for you either. You could get all the metrics in the world, but if you do not have a popular brand or website, you will not gain ground.

The reason why you want to chase this, however, is because it is the most effective way to get moving forward with rank and traffic. When you apply the right elements here, and when you hire someone to work within this world, you will gain market share that is future proof. Making sure that your future is bright is something very important overall and something that will definitely require some work overall. It pays off, as search engines will reward your work instead of penalizing your site.

In the end, the aforementioned two hats of search engine optimization exist and will always exist online. You will always find people that want to game the system, and yet others will try to do things the noble way. Go with a noble formatting, and you’ll gain serious traffic in time.